Downloading the official binaries#

There are multiple ways to download and play the game:

From the itch app#

This is the recommended way to download and play the game, since you’ll get updates automatically whenever they are released, and you’ll also get access to a huge range of amazing indie games from developers far more talented than I am!

You can download the itch app here, and once you’ve logged in, search for “Tabletop Club” to download and install the game.

From Flathub#

If you are on a Linux distribution that supports Flatpaks, you can download the latest stable version of the game directly from your software manager! Simply search for “Tabletop Club” to download and install the game. Alternatively, you can visit the project page on Flathub.

If Flathub is not included in your list of Flatpak repositories, the game will not appear. You can add Flathub as a remote repository by following the instructions on their website.

You can also download the game via the command line instead once Flathub has been added as a remote repository:

flatpak install flathub io.itch.drwhut.TabletopClub
flatpak run io.itch.drwhut.TabletopClub

As a standalone executable#

You can also download the game as a standalone application that you can run anywhere on your system from the page, or from the GitHub repository. Once it is downloaded, there’s only a couple of steps needed to run the game (see below)!

In most cases, you’ll want to download the latest stable version of the game. While beta versions of the game have new features and are very helpful for player feedback, they are more suseptable to bugs. But if you’re feeling a little experimental, go for the latest version!

If you’ve downloaded Tabletop Club in the past and want to download a newer version, follow Upgrading an existing installation before carrying on here.

Verifying the download#

This step is completely optional, but it’s a good idea to make sure that the downloaded file’s contents are what we expect them to be. We do this by checking the SHA512 hash of the file, and seeing if the hash matches the original.

  1. Download from the GitHub releases page the TabletopClub_vX.X.X_SHA512.txt file. This text file contains the SHA512 hashes of all of the downloads.

  2. Open a command prompt or terminal, and navigate to the folder where the compressed binary lies.

  3. Enter the command for your platform, adjusting the file name where necessary:

    # Windows
    certutil -hashfile SHA512
    # macOS
    shasum -a 512
    # Linux / *BSD
  4. Compare the output of the previous command to the corresponding line in the SHA512 text file. If the hashes do not match, then you will need to download the binary again.

What happens now depends slightly on which platform you’re on:

Downloading for Windows#

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the compressed file, it should be called something like

  2. Right-click the downloaded file in File Explorer, and click Extract all…

  3. There should be a pop-up asking where you want to extract the files to. You can put the game files anywhere you like, for example Desktop/TabletopClub. You can then click Extract to extract the files to that location.

  4. Go to the folder where you extracted the files, and double-click the TabletopClub.exe executable to start the game!


    Currently Windows binaries of the game are not signed, so you’ll most likely get a warning when you try to run the game saying that the publisher can’t be trusted. You can get past this by clicking More info, then by clicking Run anyway.

Downloading for macOS#

  1. Start downloading the compressed file, it should be called something like

  2. When it has downloaded, go to your downloads folder in Finder, and find the compressed file. Double-click the file to extract the application.

  3. Launch the game by right-clicking TabletopClub and clicking Open.


    Currently macOS binaries of the game are not signed, so you’ll get a warning saying the publisher is unknown. You can get past this warning by clicking Open in the pop-up. This button won’t appear if you double-click the application.

Downloading for Linux / *BSD#

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the compressed file, it should be called something like

  2. Either use your distribution’s archive manager to extract the files, or run this command in a terminal:

  3. Either double-click the executable, or go into a terminal and run this command in the folder the executable is in:


Upgrading an existing installation#

If you have already downloaded the game before, and you want to overwrite the files that are already there, then before downloading and extracting the new version of the game, first delete the following files and folders:

  • TabletopClub.exe, or, or TabletopClub.x86_64

  • TabletopClub.pck

  • assets/TabletopClub

Now you can extract the new version of the game as described above. If the operating systems asks you if you want to replace any files, say yes to all files.